• Innovation is about thinking and Knowledge Building. With our unique way of problem solving we have revolutionized Machine Learning to build series of solutions those touched human lives. Consultant to worlds leading MNCs, iKnowlation has philosophy of creating extraordinary value for their clients through technological consultancy. We have world’s renowned experts in Machine Learning and Data mining who have contributed to success of more than one dozen organization. Our clients range from start-ups born yesterday to MNCs those have been delivering impact for decades. We work as mentor, advisor and consultant and conduct special Machine Learning workshops for our clients. So far we have delivered value for over hundred organizations and thousands of professionals. If you are looking for consultation from experts in areas of Analytics, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning and innovation – we are here to co-create value to lead you on the path of success.

Machine Learning & AI Consultation

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Today, one of the most fundamental necessities of every product is to be intelligent. Machine learning has become the core strengths of modern products. With published books, iKnowlation, with its expertise in advanced Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems provides an efficient and effective consultation on ML, AI, and Intelligent System Building.

BI and Data Analytics

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Understanding the state of your business and going beyond mere data in making your decisions is a challenge in this world of ceaseless information. Big data analytics and delivering right results is our forte. iKnowlation, with over two decades of business analytics and data mining experience, creates value for its customers by making data to speak for you.

Products Execution

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Right from ideation to deliverable product, iKnowlation can help you at every stage. Through co-creation, mentoring research and product development teams, we can be your companion for future glory. Our product building and creativity workshops with hands on experience will build a platform for your team to develope next generation solutions.