• iKnowlation offers a range of products for intelligent content and case based learning, concept building, concept mapping and content security. We are like your content companion. Our products get right pathways for you and manage them for you. We care for your content life cycle. With our case based learning framework and associative mapping we deliver more value to you than ever before.


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Suite of products targeted to Health-Care, Agricultutre and Learning sectors. It offers a platform to associate knowledge pointers to create unprecedented value for our customers. The product is based on patented pioneering innovations by iKnowlation, in the area of Systemic Machine Learning and associative decision making.


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Its a concept building framework allowing users to contribute, associate and validate novel concepts. It contributes to improve learnability of individuals, students and intelligent AI agents. iKnowConcept can work as a building block for modern teaching learning process.


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Its an intelligent security framework to share contents within groups and beyond. The context based intelligence helps to determine risks associated with file transactions. It enables anyone to share without fear.